Project IMPAACT Report

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AD is happy to share the research of Nathan Bennett and his team on the effects of climate change on communities in the North Andaman Coast.  The villages of Ban Lion and Ta Pae Yoi are focused on in this research, along with other villages in Southern Thailand.  In the past, Nathan, has collaborated with AD to conducted his research in the community based tourism villages.  His research sheds light on how these communities are effected by both man-made and natural occurrences.  The results provide crucial insight to help us better manage our work in these communities. Together we can all help to make the effects of climate change on coastal communities better known!

Bennett, N. J., P. Dearden, G. Murray and A. Kadfak. 2014. The capacity to adapt?: communities in a changing climate, environment, and economy on the northern Andaman coast of Thailand. Ecology and Society 19 (2): 5. [online]

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