November Volunteers

In the month of November, Kuraburi was home to several enthusiastic volunteers. Motivated young women joined our projects at the Southern Thailand Orphanage, the Kuraburi Nursery School, the Burmese Learning Center and the Kuraburi Junior School: Tayla from Australia and via our Dutch partner organization, we welcomed Amy, Noortje, Iris, Laura, Yvette, Stefanie and Iris in Kuraburi.
We visited them at the schools and were lucky to get some beautiful pictures. Yvette, Iris and Stefanie reflected upon their first day in the Kuraburi Nursery School: ”The children, happy and pleased to see us, were excited and eager to learn. They were not shy and even gave us a hug when the school was finished!”

We are looking forward to hearing more
reflections upon your experiences.