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AD is proud to have been featured in some top publication over the last few months!  Thank you to Susan Smilie, Cat Vinton, Noel van Bemmel and Julius Schophoff for your interest and support of our programs!

Bang Hem and Dae, holding Farit, in Ban Talae Nok village on Thailand's Andaman coast

Ban Talae Nok Homestay

The Guardian

AD is very proud to have been featured in the Guardian with two separate articles!  Many thanks to Susan Smillie for her visit to the North Andaman Coast and her interest in Andaman Discoveries programs, especially the work she has done with the Moken on Koh Surin.  Also thanks to Cat Vinton for another visit to shoot more amazing pictures of the Moken!

The online article in the Guardian titled, “Tsunami, 10 years on: the sea nomads who survived the devastation.” is rich with details about the tsunami, the aftermath, and the Moken’s correct interpretation of all the signs provided by the ocean. The Moken are not widely known in the Western world so such an in-depth and well researched piece about the Moken and the tsunami of 2004 is a real contribution. Here’s the link to the article:

The article titled, “Thailand: village homestays open new doors for post-tsunami economy” focuses on the ongoing success of the Ban Talae Nok homestay and how this small community continues to benefit from post-tsunami training and support.  Please read more here:


de Volkskrant article

De Volkskrant Magazine

Special thanks to Noel Van Bemmel for his interesting article and photographs in the December 6 edition of Volkskrant Magazine. Noel and his family came to visit the Ta Pae Yoi Village on Koh Phratong and stay with a family in a homestay, toured the Surin Islands with the Moken during the Surin Moken Experience and visited the village to interview people about the tsunami of 2004.  He finished his tour on Khao Sok Lake for a few nights in the floating bungalows and some jungle adventures. We appreciate Noel’s interest in the local communities here and for writing this great article to help support the work that we do at Andaman Discoveries.  For the Dutch version please see here: Volkskrant Full Article

Die Zeit Reisen

The German Newspaper Die Zeit Reisen featured stories on local people effected by the 2004 tsunami in it lastest edition.  Ban Talae Nok village, Cha, was interviewed about her story and how the community based tourism program in the village helps to offer additional source of income for her family.  Even if you cannot read German, the illustrated pictures of Cha and her tsunami story are worth a look.  Please see here: DIE ZEIT REISEN