New Colors in Ban Lion: Conservation Community Center

Walking from the peer to Ban Lion, one notices the first building on the left side. Over the month of November it has slightly been changing colors and has given space for many encounters. The first problem that needed to be solved were termites. Starting to fight the termites, the

At the entrance of Ban Lion

Activities and helpers at the CCC

Over the past two weeks many helpers have joined to finalize the community center in Ban Lion. In that time of construction the center has already served its purpose of facilitating encounters. Workers and villagers came together with volunteers, the STA group, children and after all the opening ceremony with guests from all over the island. It had been blooming as new plants decorated the garden, it received colors as people have been painting. The paint was mixed with Bifenthrin to prevent the return of the termites. Furthermore, the building grew in its possibility of facilitating guests as benches were build in the gateway and chairs and tables joined the inventory list.