New CBT Program on Koh Phratong!

The AD team is happy to announce the beginning of a new community program with the Ta Pae Yoi Village Group on Koh Phratong! Ta Pae Yoi is located on the east side of Koh Phratong, surrounded by a lush mangrove conservation area and a beautiful view of the mainland forested mountains. The livelihood of this small Buddhist Thai village is mainly fishing, and the locals are excited to incorporate a CBT program into their community.

This October the TPY group, with the help of MAP and PATA, were able to secure new kayaks and a special kayak training provided by the knowledgeable team from John Gray’s Sea Canoe. Local guides from the village, both adults and youth, participated in a two days training on basic kayak technique, safety and environmental guidelines, and how to engage with guests. Fun was had by all as the first kayaks were put into the water and the paddling exercises began, taking the group through mangroves and onto the sandbar for a bit of relaxation. The training ended with John Gray himself there to give his last words of advice and encouragement and a certification ceremony.

AD has worked along with community leaders to develop a fun and engaging program that highlights the wonderful activities in the village and surrounding natural areas, including kayaking in the mangroves, bird watching in the Koh Phratong Savahanna, Thai cooking and fishing with the locals… just to name a few. The TPY CBT group has welcomed its first guests and the experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Check out the video here: TPY Koh Phratong CBT Group Video