Meet our new intern!

Hello everyone!

Last month I joined the AD team. With this blog post I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Charlaine, but most people call me Charlie since that’s easier to pronounce. I was born in the Netherlands, 23 years ago and have spent most of my life there. I love spending time in the Netherlands but I also love exploring other countries. Three years ago I backpacked around SE Asia (and India) for 5 months. I really enjoyed this trip. So here I am, three years later, back in Thailand. This time I am not here to travel but for an internship with Andaman Discoveries. This 20 week internship is part of the curriculum of my study program. I currently study International Tourism Management and Consultancy (ITMC) at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. ITMC focuses on many aspects of tourism, think of; planning & development, management, working in an international environment, the impacts of tourism on destinations, marketing, cultures, languages etc.

I hope that one day, after I obtain my bachelors’ degree, I will find my dream job. What kind of job this will be? I honestly don’t know yet! I hope this internship will take me one step closer into the direction of finding out what kind of job I would like having the most.