”Aangenaam kennis te maken!”

Hi, my name is Kathy. Born and raised in the Netherlands. I love travelling, to meet new people and learn about different cultures. I study International Tourism and Management Consultancy at the NHTV in Breda. After writing a Destination Analysis about Bali I became more and more interested in Asia and her cultures. My trip to Bali showed me what impacts tourism actually has on the local communities and its surroundings. Currently I am doing an internship for school at Andaman Discoveries. I choose AD especially because it offers community-based tourism products and is working so closely with local communities. Doing my internship at AD, I hope it provides me a different look at the tourism industry and will teach me how tourism can turn into an industry that gives back to the communities and will benefit all, and how I can be a part of it all. As my own motto in life, as I want it to be possible for all: ‘’Live life to the fullest!’’.