Graduate School

Ban Talae Nok Shares Lessons Learned

Not long ago, several villagers from Ban Talae Nok were learning how to implement a successful responsible tourism and youth conservation program in their village. Today, the award-winning Ban Talae Nok CBT program is the aspiration of many organizations in the region, including twelve villagers from Cambodia who, with support form IUCN and WWF, hope to replicate BTN’s success. “I am so glad to see another homestay come from another country to learn in my village. I hope they enjoyed and learned a lot.” said a beaming Ladda “Pink” Aharn.

The CBT graduates in Ban Talae Nok were also busy hosting the Tourism and Sports Authority of Thailand, who came to measure their compliance with the homestay standard; the village expects to receive certification soon.

Recycling has been the focus of the Youth Group, who, with funding from the EU, received training on how to make cards from recycled paper. The youth group also provided new recycle bin for the every house in the village.