From the Phratong Island: New Colors in Ban Lion

Working at the
Community Conservation Center

The rainbow over Ban Lion was not the only source contributing to varying colors on the Phra Thong Island. In the time span of two weeks, many different hands engaged in the construction and renovation of the Community Conservation Centre (CCC). New plants decorate the garden and are expected to grow as a natural protection from wind and sun. The community area offers new seating accommodation, while stairs, windows and walls appear in fresh and vibrant colors.The colors are not only a joy for the eye but will keep termites at bay. At the time of the construction, the CCC had already served its purpose of facilitating meetings and gatherings, for larger and smaller occasions. Villagers and children came together with volunteers to work on the centre and home stay families greeted their guests in the community area.

Finally the CCC proved its ability to host the many guests from all over the island and mainland, who came for the opening ceremony of the Community Conservation Centre.

…and the Orchid-Site Thung Dap

There was another location on the Island of Phra Thong that received the attention from the helping hands of volunteers. Som, a lady with heart bursting with love for orchids, has been taking action to create and protect a natural environment in which different orchid species can grow and unfold their beauty safely. Phra Thong Island is known for being home to different Orchid species, which has exposed their wild-life to the danger of being stolen from their natural habitat. As a consequence, Som takes care of dying or homeless orchids (that have been found outside natural habitat) in the given natural environment and protects them.

The volunteer group departed from Ban Lion towards the orchid nursery. The journey was a long and wild trip through the Savannah and her mud holes. Upon arrival, helping hands were needed to work on a firebreak – a job for our enthusiastic group of volunteers. Being close to the beautiful orchids and their many species was a wonderful reward for the trip and the work We have been fortunate enough to receive the support for the projects by Planeterra and STA-travel.