Familiarity Breeds Connections

FAM Trips Promote Region

Andaman Discoveries and the North Andaman Community Tourism Network recently hosted two familiarization (“FAM”) trips, and were honored to host media and leaders in Southeast Asian tourism. As the name implies, the goal of the trip is to provide potential partners with an overview of the richness of area and its potential for responsible tourism. Nick of Buffalo Tours observed: “[T]he best parts of the FAM were when we were hanging out with the Muslim villagers. Spending time with local people in a respectful manner offers the chance for cultural exchange.”

People from Berlin to Bangkok attended. From the Thai perspective, Rattanaporn from SpiceRoads tours observed that our community-based tours and homestays are “a good trip for Thais to learn more about our country and culture, and discover sustainable travel.”

The tour also provided an exchange of ideas, while giving the villagers additional experience with groups and media. The program included livelihood activities in five villages, as well as optional visits to the Burmese Learning Center and a local orphanage. “Being a part of this trip was brilliant. It gave me an opportunity to build stronger ties with villagers through further collaboration,” said Karen Spackman, Andaman Discoveries client and community relations manager.

The FAM Trip is essential to the support and development of Andaman Discoveries and N-ACT programs. Thank you to all who participated in the event. If you’re interested in collaborating and exchanging ideas about responsible tourism, please contact us to learn more about attending our next FAM trip.