Erik’s Journal

Skills for the real world at Phuket Special School

Since 1993, Phuket Special School has provided a safe and educational haven for disabled, autistic, and deaf children from the ages 6 to 21. Every year, the school hosts a scout camp to develop important life skills and have fun outdoors. We sent Erik Rogers, our creative guru, to join in the festivities:
“It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my several years in Thailand. I was imdeiately welcomed by the children, who nicknamed me P’ Nung, which translates to ‘older brother number one.’
“The first morning we assembled large tents, dug holes for organic waste, and made dish-drying racks out of bamboo. After lunch, we broke into teams for sports, song, and dance. The evening was equally active, with night-time rope-walking challenges and obstacles courses that would give an army cadet pause. The laughter and song carried on until almost 10 pm.
“I continue to be amazed and inspired by the extraordinary resilience of these young people in the face of very difficult circumstances.”