Crabbing & crafts: A Thai Homestay Experience

Preparing crab traps for mangrove tour

Preparing crab traps

The food is one of my strongest memories from my trip to Ban Talae Nok two weeks ago. We had spicy curry with chicken, deep-fried mackerel, sweet doughnuts for breakfast, rambutan fruit, and fresh crabs. I had crab meat before, but catching them myself in the mangroves and later cracking them open during a dinner at the beach takes seafood to a whole new level.

Crabbing was only one amazing activity during our homestay experience in the Muslim village. I had the chance to join our two Danish guests Laerke and Cecilia for their 3-day program and it was an unforgettable time. We also learned how to weave a roof from Nypa palm leaves, cook a typical Thai dessert and make soap from natural ingredients. In return, our guests had prepared some awesome gymnastics formations to try out with the villagers one evening on the beach.

Life in a rural Thai village
The family relocated their kitchen outside in front of their house during our stay, so we could watch, learn and participate in cooking traditional Thai dishes. The atmosphere in the village is very peaceful and rural, all kinds of farm animal run around in the streets and meadows. As it was the end of Ramadan, we witnessed a goat loosing its life and being made into a curry over the open fire. The massive wok was surrounded by women pouring in all the ingredients and stirring with a huge wooden stick. Later the curry was shared between the families.

Time to relax

Gymnastics on the beach with homestay hosts

Gymnastics on the beach!

My favorite activity was creating my own Batik, a traditional technique to paint a piece of cloth using hot wax and bright colors. For a little while, we were immersed in our artistic work, the only sound being the chatter of villagers, birds chirping and distant children’s laughter. Being part of village life, even just for some days, made me understand their way of life a little better and helped me calm down. From my homestay experience, I will take memories with me of stunning sunsets at the beach, searching for crab traps in muddy water and joking about our funny pronunciation of Thai words.


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