Community Investment – A Guest Donates Pink’s Salary

Pink, far right, with member of the Ban Talae nok youth group.

Julia felt a genuine connection with Ban Talae Nok during her September visit, in particular community centre manager and youth group co-coordinator “Pink.” Julia felt compelled to help, so she took the extraordinary step of funding Pink’s salary for the next year. Pink was positively overwhelmed. “Thank you Julia and Andaman Discoveries for helping me come to this point today. The youth group and I promise to work hard for the things we feel will benefit the community most. Although some might not yet see the benefit of the youth group, at least Julia has given us the strength to keep working.”

After the Tsunami of 2004, Pink had to abandon her education to find employment to support her family. When Andaman Discoveries started a community center in the village, Pink enthusiastically joined various projects and demonstrated strong leadership qualities. “Pink is a standout superstar,” commented tourism professional Joe Staiano. Wild Asia took note of Pink, too: “You have a phenomenal leader in Pink. Her work with the youth group is awesome. I’m sure with her as a role model, the [youth group members] will be become effective community leaders.” Pink is the force behind the Bamboo Savings Project and the recycling- and mangrove conservation programs.

Julia’s donation will pay Pink’s wages, enabling her to return to school and complete her education. It is a wonderful gift – not only does it provide Pink with a stable income, but also promises future opportunities. Both Pink and Andaman Discoveries are deeply touched by Julia’s wonderful gift.