Committed to the Cause

Nan reflects on one year of service

Hello there, my name is Nan and I have been working for Andaman Discoveries for just over one year now. I got the opportunity to come to Kuraburi after working for a large organization in Bangkok. I thought I would only be here for a few months, but after learning about Andaman Discoveries’ work and spending time with the staff and villagers, I found the idea of leaving very difficult.

Working with the villagers feels good, and every day I am happy to come to work. Although I am Thai, I come from northern Thailand, and life here is very different. Every day I learn something new about my people, proving that Andaman Discoveries has something to offer everyone!

I am proud to work with Andaman Discoveries because our organization is helping many local people; our projects are important to keep traditions alive and our work gives them a sense of pride. Even though my work is in accounts, I am part of the team that makes a difference to the villagers and children. I have been lucky to work with a great variety of people and everyday brings something new. I meet people from all over the world and even though they are from different countries they all have the same vision of wanting to learn about Thai culture and the people and want to give something back.

Working for Andaman Discoveries has taught me that it is not all about ‘ourselves’ we can make a difference to others by just doing a little thing. Thank you for letting me be a part of the story.