Children’s day in Tung Dap

Andaman Discoveries staff was really pleased to attend the Children’s Day celebration in Tung Dap; a beautiful village in the island of Kho Phratong. This amazing island is situated just in front of the coast of Kuraburi and it has its own unique wildlife and landscapes. There is another village on the island called Ban Lion, but the celebration took place in the other side of the island, in Tung Dap; it was definitely a day for the kids. All the children prepared dancing performances and had tones of fun watching their friends perform on stage. All of them received presents and recognition from the village. The villagers kindly prepared delicious lunch for everybody and we all enjoyed a day of happiness and joy. Andaman Discoveries contributed to the party with funding and provided toothbrushes and toothpaste for all the children in the village. We all want to see their shining smiles sparkle even more brightly. Lot’s of thanks for the hospitality and kindness of all the villagers.