Burmese Learning Center Field Trip

by Laura Pelegrina

2 march 2010

A special day for the Burmese Learning Center. Today it’s the last day of Leo a volunteer from Danemark. He spent one month at the school and teach English to the kids.

That was a fantastic experience and he wanted to give something special to their children. So he hired a bus and we went to the beach in the morning, playing games as cartwheel on the sand, or making sandcastle. We all had so much fun. And how it’s so beautiful to see their eyes sparkling everywhere , just happy to be along the coast.

Then we went to river next to Kuraburi , we had lunch there. Everyone helped , making the sauce, spread the rice into lunch boxes, mashed the chili for the salad and the chicken…. We had a Burmese meal , delicious !! And all that in a wonderful place, following music and the famous dance “Do RE Mi .“

To finish the day everybody in the river, bigger tried to make some jump in the water, and the little children stayed long the coast and starting to learn how to swim. It was magical , even for me that was one of my best day in my life. A day full of smiles and happiness.