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Scholarships Keep Dreams Alive

Wilasinee “Clang” Klatalae dreams of completing her university degree in tourism management. “It’s my goal to communicate with foreigners from different cultures. I love nature, meeting people, and to travel and share experiences,” she said during her recent long-term scholarship interview.

Clang is from Bak Jok village, which was totally destroyed in the tsunami five years ago; her father now earns about 8,000 Baht ($240) per month making model boats. Clang could not attend school without her scholarship “because we have to pay a lot of money for tuition, fees, boarding, and daily expenses. Without the scholarship, my father would have to work twice as much, and I would have to find a day job to support myself and my family.”

Andaman Discoveries needs your help to ensure Clang and the 130 students like her can continue receiving scholarships. Please consider helping us fund this valuable program. Donors can sponsor a student for about 15,000 Thai Baht (about $450) per year to cover educational expenses, and will receive updates regarding their sponsored youth’s academic performance as well as a personal letter.

The scholarship program provides financial support for students in primary school through university for a total of seven years, ensuring these students will have access to an education and the funds to cover textbooks and materials. “My life is getting better — I’m very delighted to receive this scholarship because this make my dream come true,” said Clang.