Ban Talae Nok Homestay Experience

Beautiful Cam Island

Beautiful Gam Island

Swimming in the Gam Island is definitely my most precious memory in Ban Talae Nok. Among all memories, this particular experience is very exciting and challenging for me. The water in the Island was so beautiful; I couldn’t resist myself to take this opportunity to snorkel. I have to say, I am ZERO in my swimming skills. Hence, I was a little scared because the water looked so deep and I kept having this mindset that I will sink even though I have my life jacket on (Note: Never have a negative mindset!). It was embarrassing but hey, in a clear blue water like this, who wouldn’t want to miss this chance to swim, right? It was worth the courage I had and I am glad I made it through!



Oo La la ^^

The food just gets better every day! We went fishing at Talae Nok Beach and had our dinner there too! I had the chance to join in with our guests from France and they complimented just how much they enjoy the local food as much as I do. I reminisced my time back in Brunei where the food is almost similar to Thai food (Asian cooking is the bestest!). Fresh seafood just tastes so good when you actually caught them yourself! Especially the clam-hunting that we did in the Mangrove plantation! Oh, I just love how we get dirty in the mud.
DSCF2904__1414723323_125.25.32.26We also had the chance to make our own Batik! I really enjoyed anything that has to do with creativity and while we were making Batik, we were totally concentrated on our own work of art! Somehow, I ran out of ideas of what to draw so I just draw a Muslim girl wearing hijab to represent me in a Muslim village!


Life in the rural village has been very calming for me. I love the peaceful sunset at the beach, the sound of the kids playing around with each other, the cocks crowing early in the morning to tell us to rise (a natural alarm clock, by the way) and also the morning call for prayer during the dawn. My home in Brunei is a bit far to the nearest mosques so I hardly get to hear the call for prayer at all. It was very soothing and pleasing to the ears, to appreciate that life in the rural is not as bad as we may think. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the modern way of living that we neglect the peaceful atmosphere that we often overlooked. Everyone in the village is so close to each other like a one big family.
Definitely a worthwhile experience in Ban Talae Nok.

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