Ban Talae Nok, Community products awarded with 5 stars from the OTOP and Guide training with youth

Recently, Ban Talae Nok was awarded with the 5 stars from the One Tambon One product award. This means that the Ban Talae Nok handmade soap is recognized as one of the best community products all over the region. The pride of the community and its motivation to keep doing things in a good way is now reinforced by gaining this beautiful and deserved recognition

Meanwhile, guide training with youth has taken place in Village. All the participants have learnt lots of skills and knowledge and this will hopefully increase their motivation to become great guides; now, they are part of the community based tourism group of the village.

The youth also did a trip to a nearby province in order to be trained in drama and script writing about sustainability and environmental conservation. All of this makes this young people from Ban Talae Nok highly enthusiastic, prepared and full of new and exciting ideas to host their popular puppet show.

Andaman Discoveries feels fortunate to collaborate with such a nice community. Congratulations for the excellence award! We hope all of this helps the village to face the future.

We all cheer Ban Talae Nok to keep moving forward