Awesome New Staff! Welcomes Jenny, Carli, and Laura

Andaman has experienced a “changing of the guard” in recent months. We are excited to welcome out new interns Jenny, Carli, and Laura to the team! We now have a fresh group to take 2010 community based tourism by storm!

A northern California native, Jenny came direct from San Francisco, California. She recently graduated from the University of San Francisco with an M.S. in Enviornmental Management, and has over five years of experience as an Environmental Consultant around the US. Jenny hopes to bring fresh program ideas and marketing concepts to the AD team.

Carli came all the way from Michigan State University to join the AD team for two months. She was sent by the Asian Institute University of Technology (AIT) through their study abroad program in Thailand. Carli came to AD to get hands-on experience in sustainable tourism and while serving the community. So far, Carli has visited several community projects, villages, and events. Carli hopes to help our online marketing efforts online and support the AD team efforts in villages.

Laura will be with AD for eight months and is our first intern from Pistes Solidaires, a French non-profit organisation based in Marseille. Laura is here to learn all she can about community-based toursim and Thai culture. This is an extraordinary experience and she really wants to add something new and help the organisation.