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Regional Tourism Network Launches Website

The North Andaman Community Tourism (N-ACT) network is ready to take its message to the world! Years in the making, the Andaman Coast Community Tourism website officially launched in January with the goal of promoting community-led responsible tourism by providing access to the attractions and activities found in the North Andaman region of Thailand. The site enables community members to directly outreach and market their homestays and tours.

The N-ACT network was established in 2008 to help local communities secure their future through sustainable tourism and conservation. The website is a key marketing tool and is a collaborative effort between the villagers, with support from International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The N-ACT network serves as an evolving platform to increase the contribution of tourism to sustainable livelihoods and sound ecosystem management by providing communities with access to the best available knowledge and practices. The network’s success is based on careful selection of partners, capable communities, and ethical businesses with a genuine commitment to responsible tourism. The network has developed a number of tools for community tourism development and also works closely with local conservation and community development efforts.