Andaman Eco Discoveries: Staff observe rare water lily

The rare lab phrung tan water lily in Klong Nakha.

Most of our staff and volunteers couldn’t be with their families this Christmas, but those selfless souls who stayed behind got to spend a day bamboo rafting in nearby Klong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary. There they were treated to the rare fresh-water lily “lab phrung tan,” whose delicate white flowers bloom only from October through December. Due to highly localized conditions, including the flow of the river, this beautiful flower is totally unique to this area – attempts to introduce it to other regions with nearly identical climate conditions have failed.

Unfortunately, soil removal for construction and attempts at erosion control now threaten the flower. Locals also gather the bulbs for use in aquariums, although the extent of this harvesting is unclear. Recognizing the imminent threat to the water lily, a local group called “Friends of Nature” was formed to protect Klong Nakha through conservation, education, and sustainable income to villagers. Andaman Discoveries is proud to help support this cause through responsible tourism.

The bamboo rafting and lily observation activity is available to guests on a seasonal basis. Please contact us for more details.