Amazing Views

Crooked Trails Volunteer Experience

Environmental activist Edward Abbey famously said: “May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.” Crooked Trails, the non-profit, community-based travel organization whose name was inspired by this quote, joined Andaman Discoveries for a service tour in November seeking their own amazing view of the North Andaman region. They found it at the Burmese Learning Center and in Tung Dap village.

“I have fallen madly in love with some Burmese children. They follow you with their eyes until contact is made and then they might smile at you. Once these two things have happened, you realize your heart is no longer your own,” said participant Noelle, who helped the group paint classrooms at the school. Todd, who led the group of ten, added, “the school project was wonderful and meaningful. The group felt their presence was appreciated.”

You can read Noelle’s complete Blog entry on our website.

The group also spent two days in the village of Tung Dap, where they enjoyed a homestay and helped with mangrove conservation. Of their homestay in Tung Dap, Noelle said “I am listening to conversations in languages I do not understand. The wind talking to the trees. The clucks of chickens and roosters beneath the beams of the house I am sitting in. The scent of onion, sizzling as our hosts prepare dinner. Children’s brief calls. The silence of cats and dogs sleeping. The rumble of man and machine. The dash of geckos on the roof. I may not understand them, but knowing them, in this moment, gives me peace.”