2010 International Forum, Hong Kong

Bodhi and Guillem went to the 2010 International Forum in Hong Kong invited by the Cambridge University Education Without Borders, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the AIESEC. We were pleased to share this educational forum with such honorable speakers and with all the students who assisted. Bodhi gave a speech about Andaman Discoveries and how he began his projects in Thailand as a social entrepreneur. The others speakers were Prof. Alan Barrel from Cambridge, Mr. Tit-Shing Wong director of Jetta Company Ltd, Ms. Candace Johnson from Luxemburg and Dr. Rob Valli from University of Illinois. All the organizators treated us in an excellent way and we would like to tell that the organization of the event was perfect.

All the conferences enriched our knowledge from different angles but all of them came from the passion and the beliefs of all the parliamentarians. Hopefully, the students from the Polytechnic University and other universities in Hong Kong who attended the forum will gain the different tools and strong motivation in order to become whatever they want to in the future.

For us it was definitley a pleasure to share our time with all the participants in this amazing city.

Thank you very much for this great opportunity.